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I'm sure it'll kill you too.

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Bluetooth will force you to visit your dentist too. Based on these findings, and my own experience in the embedded arena, I would hazard a guess that all these Bluetooth mouse vendors are dealextreme bluetooth mouse the same embedded microcontroller, probably with the same embedded firmware. Hence, they all suffer from similar problems.

The only mouse's reviews that didn't seem to mention these issues at least, not as bad as the others was Apple's wireless MightyMouse. Of course, the MightyMouse has its own set of issues, such as the pretend secondary button, but if you can dealextreme bluetooth mouse around it, it's kinda sorta not too bad. Unless there is a wired kind of Bluetooth, should the title be "Bluetooth and non-Bluetooth wireless mice"" once they've gone into power saving mode.

If the mice haven't been moved for several minutes, you have to wave them back and forth like a madman for several seconds before they'll start to respond again. It's certainly not dealextreme bluetooth mouse inescapable shortcoming of Bluetooth, because my Mighty Mouse doesn't have this issue - if you start to move the mouse, it responds immediately, even if it's been inactive for minutes or hours. The Mighty Mouse has another shortcoming, unfortunately. The scrollball design is really cool and intuitive This WILL happen to you, repeatedly. I love my Mighty Mouse Right now my scrollball is gummed up again, so I'm in the "hate it" camp at the moment.


I was wary dealextreme bluetooth mouse that problem before I tried a bluetooth mouse too - but as I wrote in my post below, with the Microsoft offering, in my experience I've used it for over a year it doesn't show that lag. I don't know about the one you tried, but after it's gone into sleep mode it takes less than a second to wake up again, which I imagine is similar to the mighty mouse. It's certainly possible their rev 2 and later products might be better in that regard.

Cuz that first mouse didn't have one Put some alcohol on a lint-free cloth, dealextreme bluetooth mouse it flat on a table, then roll the mouse around upside-down on it so that the scroll ball is being rolled around. The alcohol seems to free up a lot of the lint and dirt that gets in there.

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I found a guide to disassembling the mouse on the web you need to prise off the outer ring dealextreme bluetooth mouse first time but the rest of it is fairly easy - I stuck it back on with a dab of silicone and its easy to remove now and I open it up and clean out the ball compartment. I appreciate that I'm a dirty soap dodger but the amount of gunge needed to dealextreme bluetooth mouse up the delicate moving parts is not great.

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The above posters suggestion of alcohol is probably better than Apples suggestion o. One more for the gummed up mouse crowd. I swear.


Replies: 8 Last Post:PM. Thanks for sharing.


Dealextreme bluetooth mouse that BT keyboard you use include the stand for your phone? Would using BlueTooth be better than wireless? Or should we just stick to wired? Bluetooth the clear winner Score: 2.

Solved: Unreliable bluetooth connectivity problems on Vostro laptop - Dell Community

You've basically answered your own question, by pointing out that Blueooth saves a USB port, uses less battery, and doesn't require a proprietary dongle. For my Dealextreme bluetooth mouse laptops I've switched to Dell's Bluetooth mice. I just like the feel of the mouse, and the precision is pretty darn good. With a black MacBook, Dell's Bluetooth "travel mouse" coordinates pretty well. I really can't stand Apple's Bluetooth Mighty. What I know, I suffered to learn Score: 2Informative. Dealextreme bluetooth mouse sucks Score: 2.

At the least the belkin mouse I had. There was always a delay when moving the mouse, which makes any kind of graphic work impossible. My take - haven't read the other replies. Bluetooth ruins Run a speed test before and during using a bluetooth mouse.

With the bluetooth mouse performance sucks. There is interference.

Some things to look out for with wireless miceOnly US$,buy Original Xiaomi Portable Bluetooth Mouse from DealExtreme with free shipping now. New Arrivals - DealeXtreme. 年6月. Dealextreme bluetooth mouse Xiaomi Mijia LOFREE Bluetooth Wireless Mouse With GBluetooth Dual Mode Connection, Unique Gesture.

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