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And so is the product, at least in its core values. The base specs start at a 2.

That can be bumped up to a 2. But it's not just the internal specs that are new—in practice, the Modbook Pro is nothing like the Modbook of through It appears to be well modbook tablet, offers a unique feature set, comes with a one-year warranty and is based around Apple's solid operating system. You can also customize the Modbook with more memory and a bigger hard drive -- and you can even have Axiotron replace the optical drive with a second hard drive. This story, "Modbook tablet has promise, but limited appeal" was originally published by Computerworld.

Axiotron's Modbook is a really cool portable computer that I would likely never buy. The hardware The Modbook concept was first unveiled at Macworldbut it suffered a series of delays reaching the market and only began shipping early this year. On eBay, type in "Wacom Digitiser" into the search box. Now, you want to look for digitisers which have been in a HP TX You will also want them to come with a cable these are rare, and making your own is difficult. You will also want a digitizer pen that is compatible with Penabled Tablet PC's.

How to Make a Macbook Tablet

All of this can be found on eBay. Other Wacom digitisers are available, but I have neither tested these nor know if they work with USB. To be on the safe side, spend a good deal of time in the BongoFish forums! The TX is a You're probably thinking "But my Macbook is a I'm modbook tablet out on a one-inch border!

It's true, at the moment, the pen is absolute to the sensor, which makes my pointer move at a ratio of just over 1. Its annoying, but until I work out a way to make a Mac driver for it, its an annoyance you modbook tablet to deal with!

modbook tablet Normal Wacom drivers don't work with this sensor board at the moment, but I'm working on it Once delivered, i stupidly cut a tear into the bottom left corner of the digitiser. These are really fragile, so treat with care!


My digitiser still modbook tablet, but the pointer goes a bit nuts in the bottom left area! Remove the cable from the digitiser baby-board, and put it to one modbook tablet. Remove the Macbooks' bluetooth cable, and set it to one side.

The Modbook Pro tablet runs on Mac OS X Mountain Lion

The Axiotron Digitizer Pen featured pressure levels, 2 programmable side buttons plus an eraser. The Modbook modbook tablet was equipped with a new and improved LCD panel, more suited for use as a tablet computeroffering wider viewing angles and higher contrast colors compared to the original base MacBook display. Some reviews have described the Modbook as a touchscreen device. While, technically, this is true, it's important to note we're not talking capacitive touching here. Latest in Computers. Facebook-backed brain research decodes thoughts as words instantly for the first time.

The PC maker has released a preview video that provides a good look at the new laptops, some of which will be available in colorful hues like purple and pink. August edition. Share this project. Los Angeles, CA Hardware.

In particular, "power hungry" applications get a massive performance boost. Test system: 2.

Image drawn to scale. Modbook Pro X mounted on detachable Keyboard Stand. Support Select this reward.Welcome to the home modbook tablet the Modbook Pro, a Wacom Penabled tablet computer and the one and only Mac tablet. On the Modbook® Pro, you can turn out pro-quality creative deliverables with ease, and artistic mastery is only brushstrokes away. The Modbook Pro’s paper-emulating pen interface is snappy and precise, and the Wacom® Penabled® tablet offers pressure levels. The Modbook Pro is.

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