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Belfair Bluffton, South Carolina. All rights reserved. Better yet, if I happen to know my swing speed and perhaps even other swing information such as attack anglelet me enter that information and then see the test results from golf magazine clubtest 2011 Average Joes.

What would be a good set of clubs that you guys would suggest"Our exclusive 'RifleScope' technology RST allows golf magazine clubtest 2011 to set up the putter perfectly every time in relation to the intended target line. Line up the black bottom portion of the shaft between two white lines on the heel of the topline, and cover the red dot. GD lists out individual comments from players so all you are reading are what 2 or 3 people thought of the club.

Whereas in the Golf Magazine clubtest, the collect the general consensus and summarize it up. But in the end, nothing beats the THP's Shootouts!

As you can see, I pretty much focus on the clubs I like and see what they say about those. I'm not sure these reviews are slanted or not based on influence or relationship between Golf Digest and the companies, but I trust THP reviewers more. I'm always interested to see what they say. The fact that golf magazine clubtest 2011 have more golds than silvers in nearly every single category makes me laugh. Gold club? Big deal!

Golf Magzine Club Test Winner

I golf magazine clubtest 2011 like how the Adams a7 went from gold last year to silver this year. With no change golf magazine clubtest 2011 the club itself! Oh except there is a new set out, bump it down to silver and gold the new series! Please BTW this comes from a huge Adams fan. A mediocre list" list leaves me shaking my head.

Since I've started doing the reviews here at MGS, I've become somewhat fascinated by data, numbers, etc. Speaking as a guy who more or less created the evolving scoring system we user here at MGS, I'm willing to acknowledge that just about any scoring system begins by assigning some sort of arbitrary value to something doesn't matter if it's quantifiable like distance, or completely subjective like feel. Of course, once the scoring starts, inevitably you have clubs that score better than most, clubs that score worse than most, with most of the clubs falling somewhere in golf magazine clubtest 2011 middle. You know…it's the bell curve — and any truly meaningful scoring system grades on it. Don't get me wrong, it's nice to see all the clubs in one place, but I'm not willing to blindly buy into the notion that everything in Callaway's lineup is above average?

If that truly is the case, the least they could do is compare Callaway to Callaway, although I suspect we'd learn that every Callaway driver is better than the average Callaway driver. It doesn't take a mathematician to figure out that none of this makes any damn sense.

I used to love getting the hot list issue to see the new equipment but now since i have been on MGS the last year or two i have already known what golf magazine clubtest 2011 new stuff is going to be months in advance. The Hot List has become nothing more than a picture book without any real informational value.

Club Test TaylorMade Rescue 11 and Rescue 11 TP Hybrids

I use it as my third or forth review spot to see if a club could be worth it. I have always felt that the reviews where too vague.


Not only does it look bad-ass, but it offers a whole new dimension of adjustablity that the other drivers do not. The club is a total game-changer.

Personally, i think at least half the issue if not the ENTIRE issue could be the hot list with every reviewers comments about each club. Why not? I may find that one person in the golf magazine clubtest 2011 really matches with what I think and feel about equipment and therefore I may value their opinion more. Oh no, there's been an error Please help us solve this error by emailing us at support wikiwand. Newcastle, County Down. Tom Morris Key LargoFlorida. ClubTest is the engine that helps drive our industry-changing See, Try, Buy initiative. This program is designed to guide your buying experience. ClubTest is the engine that helps drive our industry-changing See, Try, Buy initiative. This program is designed to guide your buying experience.

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