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Titleist says the SureFit hosel system allows you to adjust the face angle via the lie angle and loft independently.

The adjustments are fairly straightforward so long as you have a chart handy see below and if you understand that review titleist 913 more upright lie angle will result in a clubface that points farther left for a righty while a flatter lie angle produces the opposite — a clubface that points farther right for a righty. The SureFit hosel achieves about 2. If you think 0.

Additionally, a golfer could conceivably buy a SureFit Tour hosel shaft and easily create a system with not only 16 positions, but two or three review titleist 913 driver shafts, depending on conditions, how they were feeling that day, or more. It was fun.

Titleist 913 D2 Driver Review

When I got back to Minnesota, I tried to find one with the same shaft and specs and ran into a bit of trouble. You can get that set-up, but I am a bit reluctant to spend the money that is required to get that particular arrangement. It always seems to come down to money! I am keeping my eye on Ebay and 2nd Swing to see if I could snag a used one for less review titleist 913 full price. One of them is trying out demos. My trials started way back in Aug My club had been going through some management changes and we could not get a Titleist account.

Titleist D2 Driver Review - Golfalot

So just last month the owner finally got Titleist demos coming in. As always, we would recommend a custom-fit review titleist 913 as a must. The Bassara stands out from the others shafts with a bright red color scheme.

Performance is very review titleist 913 with a mid-to-high trajectory. Ball flight is very straight, long and is one of the top performers among the stock shaft options. Titleist did not forget about the women.


The Titleist Bassara W 40 is specifically designed for women. This is one review titleist 913 the best drivers I have ever hit. Most golfers continue to waste hard-earned cash on equipment that might work a little better than their old stuff, yet not nearly as well as a club or set of irons fitted to their specific swing and their personal size and specifications. Thanks Josh…. Good writeup Josh. I agree that its a good thing, and like the traditional look that Titleist has stuck with. This driver is certainly on the radar for Forgiveness is a good thing.


Clean and sleek design and a good sound? Those are the key marks for me! I was able to borrow a D2 with the Project X 6. Engineers at Titleist also optimized the CG by creating a crown that was thinner allowing them to move more of that mass to the bottom of the club. One review titleist 913 where Titleist put in a lot of work with the s is the new face, which they say is their review titleist 913 ever. The company achieved this through a new variable thickness face insert. The insert is forged out of titanium.

The insert is thickest in the center as it mirrors the outer face profile. Review titleist 913 did go up slightly in loft and that brought it up slightly, yet kept the spin numbers low. The feel that Diamana shafts are known for is found in the newest version. The forgiveness is very good and is actually amongst the best in the market so the Titleist D2 driver should be in the bags of high single figure or even low teens handicap golfers as it is a very good all-rounder.

913D2 driver

Titleist updates their acclaimed drivers. Do these drivers hold their own? Share this with your golf buddies: Click to email this to a friend Opens in new window Click review titleist 913 share on Twitter Opens in new window Click to share on Facebook Opens in new window. Given my D2 and D3 at 9. To that end, I am reminded of something I wrote on the review: Additionally, a golfer could conceivably buy a SureFit Tour hosel shaft and easily create a system with not only 16 positions, but two or three interchangeable driver shafts, depending on conditions, how they were feeling that day, or more. If you hit it out of the middle then you may not notice much difference to The Titleist D2 driver is a good improvement on the version. The centre of gravity has been lowered to reduce the spin on the ball and.

Titleist introduced their PGA Tour players to their new D2 and D3 drivers in late June at the AT&T National. Every two years like.

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