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RUGGED "Built-Like-A-Tank" From the incredibly good-looking and rugged steel chassis, mackie onyx firewire the sealed potentiometers, Onyx-i mixers are built with only the best components available to survive years of abuse. Found on our most expensive studio consoles, Onyx pres are designed to meet or surpass expensive, esoteric standalone mic pres in terms of fidelity, headroom and transparency — as well as improved radio frequency RFI rejection and ultra-wide dynamic range. Inserts are provided on the main outputs, while the stereo Tape ins and outs are on RCA phonos. Or not. They also work great as live mixers, but there are no built in effects which is why I now use the MTK 12 for small live shows where the vocalists want a little reverb.

It was a reasonably ok mixer.

Mackie Onyx (FW) - any thoughts about it? - Other Gear - Elektronauts

AUX sends were noisy tho. Related Products.


The stereo channels have their mid-bands set at 2. I'm glad to see that the lower mid-band control can be taken down into the upper bass regions where EQ is often required, and there's plenty of overlap between the two mid-bands. Cal was the engineer behind the XDR mic preamps, the HR-series monitors, and some aspects of mackie onyx firewire Mackie mixers, but in this instance his aim was to capture the classic EQ sound of British mixing consoles of mackie onyx firewire '60s and '70s. The design is based on the traditional Wein Bridge filter circuit, which may seem to offer less range than a modern EQ, but it should sound sweeter and more musical. At least, that's the plan!

It mackie onyx firewire brilliant and this mixer has all the inputs and outputs and options I need to do all this. I'm recording all this via the firewire out to my laptop windows 7 running Adobe Audition, and am recording 4 mono channels vocals and 4 stereo channels room, music, movie, mains simultaneously. I had a slight learning curve here, as there were a few kinks I had to iron out to get the recordings right. But I chalk that up more to my inexperience than to mackie onyx firewire defect on the mixer's part.

The only thing I don't understand is that the mixer's specs say that it can output a wide variety of sample rates, but my software mackie onyx firewire recognizes It might be a driver issue I've read many critical reviews of Mackie's driver. But once again, this may just be something I do not understand about how to properly set things up. As far as the quality mackie onyx firewire the recordings I'm getting, they are superb.

When doing research, I was also considering a setup that required a mixer and a separate input device mostly USBbut even with the less expensive mixers on the market e. Or not. They also work great as live mixers, but there are no built in effects which is why I now use the MTK 12 for small live mackie onyx firewire where the vocalists want a mackie onyx firewire reverb. Also, the volume in your DAW comes in very low, though that is fixable with a volume utility.

Using an i here for the past 5 years. I also used the mixer with Logic, Finale, GarageBand, and other programs mackie onyx firewire no difficulties. On the FireWire integration side, the Onyx i gives you a lot of flexibility as to how to communicate with your DAW.

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Channels 1, 2,and let you choose whether pre- or post-fader-and-EQ signal goes out the FireWire port, for example. Onyx Driver Matrix For complete compatibility details and download links, click here. They really don't add anything in terms of system noise, with plenty of usable gain. Even with a half-dozen open mics in a typical concert hall setting, the results were amazingly quiet. The Onyx is a very nice little mixer as mackie onyx firewire stands, but with the addition of the Firewire card it provides a very worthy front end and monitoring controller to any DAW that supports the Firewire protocol and that runs one of the supported operating systems.

Pros Warm, musical sound. Low noise and wide dynamic range. Fuss-free Firewire interface.

Mackie Onyx 1640i - 16-Channel FireWire Recording Mixer

Read More. It's also more flexible than most of their smaller mixers, having two sweepable mid-bands, and I found that cranking the upper mid-band up to 8kHz and then adding just a little boost gave a nice sheen to mackie onyx firewire.


I'd have happily foregone some of the overlap between ranges in exchange for the mackie onyx firewire mid-band being extended further, up to kHz. However, there's still a lot of range, and the low mid-band goes down far enough so that the troublesome part of the lower mid-range what I call the 'boxiness zone' is well covered.

The shelving high-frequency control sounds perfectly smooth and predictable, but a 'bell' EQ is often nicer mackie onyx firewire adding air and breath to a vocal or instrument sound, hence my desire for more upper mid-band reach. A new master talkback section is located conveniently on the front edge of the mixer.

Mackie Onyx 1220i - 12-Channel FireWire Recording Mixer

The latter offers separate level controls for the Control Room output and the headphone output, both of which carry the same signal, selected by the buttons above. With improved Firewire routing and Pro Tools compatibility, this new Onyx design offers much more than mackie onyx firewire few tweaksOnyx-i Series FireWire Production Mixers combine the benefits of a powerful computer interface with the hands-on control of a premium analog. section, the Onyx i is the flagship mixer of the Onyx-i series. The Onyx i is equipped with 16x16 FireWire capability, allowing all channels, aux sends.

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