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Was used with a TS2 head, so will fit all recent Titleist heads. Standard length and is fitted with a Golf Pride tour velvet grip with 2 extra rolls of tape.


Regular Flex. We know you will enjoy playing these fine golf clubs as much as we enjoy crafting them! Never used. New forPRO 2.

Pete's Golf

Results Pagination - Page 1 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Shaft tipping can fine-tune flex. Want More Information? A real-world golf shafts for would be to compare the swings of two legendary golfers, Nick Price and Fred Couples.

Golf shafts for had a lighting quick tempo, and a much shorter swing versus the long, flowing swing of Couples. They both had extremely fast swing speeds despite what it might look like to the casual observer.

Choosing the right flex and profile of your driver shaft has more golf shafts for do with the type of swing you have rather than the actual speed of your swing, which is a mistake many golfers make when they purchase clubs off the rack. If any of these are improperly suited to your swing, you may experience seriously compromised performance. The steel shaft is the most popular iron shaft among professional golfers.

Not many players use them in their drivers, but those looking for accuracy over distance may elect to. Primarily, steel shafts are made of carbon steel, although some brands use stainless steel. Often preferred by experienced golfers, steel shafts are credited with h igher levels of accuracy, precision, and forceful impact when compared to graphite shafts, even with an equivalent swing speed. Consequently, steel golf shafts for are credited for giving the player more control in the game.


Steel shafts come in two designs:. Best Steel Iron Shaft. Unique to stepped steel shafts is a series of visible steps that reduce of the golf shafts for between the tip and the butt. The tube is then pulled from all directions until it gains a gradually reducing thickness and diameter.


Thereafter, the shaft undergoes the step patterning process to narrow the shaft towards the tip while simultaneously thickening the butt. Step patterning allows for refining the kick-point and flexibility of the shaft, before it is strengthened and hardened. The result is a stiff and extremely solid shaft. Rifle steel shafts are designed similarly to the stepped steel shafts, with the golf shafts for of the step patterning.

Golf Shaft Buying Guide

The rifle steel shafts taper smoothly in diameter from the butt to the tip. Their omission of the step patterning process results in a design specifically fine-tuned for consistency and firm performance. In what is customarily referred to as flighted shaftsrifle shafts can have customized kick-points to attain varying trajectories when different styles of clubheads are used in a single set. Graphite shafts are standard in every driver available on the market. Their light weight has allowed manufacturers to lengthen driver shafts, which can help increase swing speeds for amateur players.

A longer, lighter driver shaft will produce longer drives, but may sacrifice accuracy. While they are more expensive and less durable than steel shafts, graphite shafts are more popular among beginner, intermediate, golf shafts for senior players. That lighter weight, Wishon said, "can mean as much as mph more swing speed for the golfer, which in turn translates golf shafts for about yards more distance. That's why, in the ever-present quest for more yards, more and more golfers prefer graphite shafts. You probably want more yards, too. Skip to the header Skip to main navigation Skip to search and log in area Skip to main content Skip to footer.

Compare Shafts. Multi-material shafts are however still new in the marketand not many variations are available. Paderson is one of the companies that makes multi-material shafts. The golf shafts for is the extent to which a shaft bends during the downswing. The right flex allows the shaft to bend properly during the downswing and straighten out, whipping through impact and producing optimal distance and trajectory. When fitted for the golf shafts for shaft flexthe player can attain the height and distance he desires in every swing. The most common flex options include:. A more flexible shaft will typically produce more distance, while a firmer flex will generally tighten your shot dispersion.

There are limits to this, however. A shaft that is much too stiff for your swing speed will result in a slice every time. If your swing speed is right atyou may elect for a stiff flex for longer drives, or x flex for tighter dispersion.

Choosing Steel vs. Graphite Golf Shafts

You should look into a stiffer flex to optimize your performance.True Temper Dynamic Gold Steel Iron Shaft " Tip) Mitsubishi Rayon KURO KAGE Silver Graphite Wood Shaft '' Tip) True Temper Dynamic Golf shafts for SL Tapered Steel Iron Shaft " Tip). Our article gives an in-depth discussion about golf shafts. There are plenty of myths and mistruths in golf shafts for industry that we clear up for golfers.

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