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Dspam hash wondering what the cron job file will do if I comment out the driver line vs removing it Which would be the best way to make the cron job just be silent if there is no configured backend? I could even just add a line 'Example' before the commented driver line like they do in clamav packages so that you have to remove that before anything functions MTA support. Written in C for speed, pas, and scalability.

DSPAM Hash Driver Patches :: Hay In A Needlestack

Obviously, this value will vary greatly depending on whether the messages contain the same tokens or not. It also means that the file hash of a user will be initialized with a size close to MB! This can be a problem on a system managing a large number of users. While the examples in this documentation are mostly dspam hash on the Hash Driver, you will probably chose to use another type of backend.

Assuming Postgresql v8. You can try to create a test table to check that dspam user has the appropriate permissions:. However, before imported the schemas, we are going to create a procedural language in the DSPAM dspam hash.

This is done using the command below: The createlang command is a shell command, you need to execute this on the command line of your server, not in the postgresql prompt. You might receive some warnings when the import scripts try to perform and 'analyze' and doesn't have the permissions to do so. Dspam hash can safely ignore this.


The last step is simply to feed dspam. The configuration file comes with a Postgresql section where dspam hash can uncomment the configuration parameters and set the proper values:.


DSPAM has the opportunity to observe the sender of messages for a given recipient, and create a whitelist of senders that have sent more than 20 emails where none have been flagged as spam. This feature, quite handy, does not need any other configuration than:. Message 87 received at bugs. Sun, dspam hash Oct GMT full textmboxlink. This command will un-install dspam-hash on the server.

If you are using network sockets, set the following to appropriate values: ClientHost Running dspam without --client specified will cause DSPAM to revert to its normal non-daemon behavior and establish database connections on its own. The client settings dspam hash be loaded from dspam.

From there, it's up dspam hash you and your MTA to deliver the message. The DSPAM client will output the results to stdout in this case, just as it would in standard operating mode. When the daemon is reloaded, the following occurs: - The daemon stops listening for new requests - All threads are allowed to finish processing and exit - All connections to the database are closed - The dspam. NOTE: During the period of time the daemon is reloading, client connections will fail.

Depending on how the MTA reacts, this may cause messages to fall back to queue or to bounce. This section will briefly provide instructions for configuring either or both dspam hash these advanced options. To configure LMTP delivery, perform the following steps: 1. Configure your DeliveryHost and DeliveryIdent in dspam. Use DeliveryPort. This is used to specify the destination address for the message. If you plan on calling DSPAM from the commandline via dspamc, but wish to have a stateful daemon perform dspam hash, then you'll want to use the "dspam" server mode. The ServerMode can be set in dspam.


Each mode has its own custom tweaks and configurations that will need to be set in dspam. In "dspam" mode, you'll need to set up authentication for each dspam client relay. This involves configuring the relay ident and password. Examples are provided. Dspam hash dspam mode, only the dspam client will be connecting to your LMTP dspam hash.

How do I clear the dspam database (using libhash_drv for storage)

This can be dspamc a thin-client or the dspam binary. Go back. Launching Dspam hash Launching Visual StudioDSPAM is a scalable and open-source content-based spam filter designed for SQLite, MySQL, PostgreSQL, and a self-contained high-speed hash driver. Jump to Using the Hash Driver - StorageDriver /usr/lib/dspam/ The examples in this document are based on the Hash Driver, but can easily.

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