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Still, you can see the red output meters at left and the numerical green display at right.

4P1L Pentode Driver (Test 2)

I still didn't know the formal model name, retail price, tube replacement cost, what type of word length and sample rate USB accepted or who ALT Audio were and what they'd contributed 4p1l pentode the project. I urge more people to build this. Thank you Andy for the kind words, the best description of the amazing sound and for reassuring the readers that our 4p1l pentode was well worth to take on.

By placing a bid, you're 4p1l pentode to buy this item if you win. By submitting your bid, you are committing to buy this item from the seller if you are the winning bidder. You have read and agree to the Global Shipping Program terms and conditions - opens in a new window or tab. From what I gather from Fred and some others, there is likely a significant to major decline in tube life using the D on the wrong setting, but given uncertainty over the 4p1l pentode circuit in the Lampi, it's hard to say how much.

Additionally, I was using a Brimar rectifier from Langrex in 4p1l pentode above, and in our auditions Saturday. It 4p1l pentode a cleaner sounding rectifier, which would have the effect of making the D sound even thinner. So, if I had to live with the D, I would want a warmer rectifier like the Brimar, and likely also run the D on the wrong B setting.

That's the only way the tonal balance sounds right to my ears on my system. But in switching to the 45 tubes, it's evident the Brimar is adding warmth in the form of distortion, and the Lampi 4p1l pentode is cleaner and more resolving rectifier that mates well with these high end 45 tubes.

Indeed, the system sounded better last night than over the weekend. Ok, 4p1l pentode for the digression, that I realize is somewhat off-topic - this thread being about Atlantic. But I wanted to wrap up this lingering variable, since it's relevant to our comparison impressions from the weekend. I am gonna demo a toobed 'Lantic from tomorrow. Will let y'all know how it fares against a 1st gen R2R GG. Very first impression: The Atlantic is like a toy compared to the GG. The GG is like the weight of a decent Monoblock while the Atlantic is more like the weight of a relatively heavy CD player. Clearly, the power supply in the GG is 2 to 3 orders of magnitude more hefty and I assume refined. I just played a few tracks via CD transport and I really do like what I hear.

4 NOS/NIB RUSSIAN Tubes 4P1L/4L1S/RL2/4P6 - $ PicClick CA

Mind you, with the Atlantic being so light and easily manhandled, I started off with the 2nd hand Shun Mooks I bought from someone in Canada, so maybe that was not the wisest course for an evaluation. I have not used the SMs before on the GG. This comment is pretty useless as I have not been using the system for a couple weeks, but the Atlantic with Soviet 5c3 recti did strike me as a bit more SS in 4p1l pentode the 4p1l pentode were extended and crisp, but still retained the traditional Lampi midrange lushness.

I think 4p1l pentode may be a supreme bargain from Lampi and a great intro to their Dac range Very preliminary, so take with a grain of salt. This comment is pretty useless as I have not been using the system for a couple weeks, 4p1l pentode the Atlantic with Soviet 5c3 recti did strike me as a bit more SS in that the highs were extended and crip, but still retained the midrange lushness.


I loved 4p1l pentode car analogy write-up! I wouldn't use those Shun Mooks. They are over 20 years old, and no marks on them for pointing which the current ones haveand that affects sound adversely if placed the wrong way. Norman, just wondering.

The case weighs little comparatively, its the BIG iron underneath Hi, This is an integrated amp. No pre -amp needed.


It uses the same tubes as the DHT pre. I can get the odd 30 minute here and there and every time I try to get upstairs to the workshop something pops up. Never mind, hopefully things will get easier in the near future. The 4p1l pentode load is not a good match for a pentode unless the reflected impedance is low enough to control the gain of the stage.

Data: Pentodes VTcom

EUR 8. Visit eBay's page on international selling. Learn more. I've been asked about the 4P1L pentode driver. It's been a long time since I did those tests and never got around to listen 4p1l pentode the driver sound. 4P1L Pentode Driver v01 After the initial tests done with the 4P1L in pentode mode and filament bias, I thought a bit about how this driver could be implemented.

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