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3300C 3.03 DRIVER

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US20140088468A1 - Methods and Devices for Fluid Driven Adult Devices - Google Patents

Driver DLL. However I have run into a problem with 3300c 3.03 the System Restore function.


In contrast serial actuation schematic B first to third fluidic actuators A through C are depicted coupled to first pump A on one side and to second pump B on the other side. First and second pumps A and B being coupled on their other end to reservoir such that, for example, first pump A pumps fluid towards first to third fluidic actuators A through C, respectively, and second pump B pumps fluid away from them to the reservoir. However, in serial actuation schematic B first pump A is connected only to first reservoir A wherein operation of first pump A will increase pressure within first reservoir A if first valve A is closed, second reservoir B if first 3300c 3.03 A is open and second valve B closed, or third reservoir C if first and second valves A and B, respectively, are open and third valve C closed.

Accordingly, by control of first to third valves A through 3300c 3.03, respectively, the first to third fluidic actuators A through C, respectively, can be pressurized although some sequences of actuator pressurization and intermediate pressurization available in the parallel actuation schematic A are not available although these limitations are counter-balanced by reduced complexity in that fewer valves are required.

Hewlett-Packard Scanjet 3400C Windows Vista

It would be apparent to one skilled in the art that parallel and serial element actuation schematics A and B respectively exploiting fluidic elements in conjunction with fluidic pump, reservoir and valves according to embodiments of the invention can be employed together within the same sexual pleasure device either through the use of multiple pump or single pump configurations. In a single pump configuration an additional valve prior to first actuator A can be provided to isolate the actuator from the pump when the pump is driving other fluidic 3300c 3.03 elements.

In first serially activated schematic A first to third fluidic actuators A through C are disposed in similar configuration as serial actuation schematic B in FIG. However, a secondary fluidic pump is disposed between the first primary fluidic pump A and first fluidic actuator A. Accordingly, the secondary fluidic pump can provide additional fluidic motion above and beyond that provided through the pressurization of fluidic actuators by first primary fluidic pump A. Such additional fluidic motion can be, for example, the application of a periodic pulse to a linear or sinusoidal 3300c 3.03 wherein the periodic pulse can be at a higher frequency than the pressurization. For example, the first primary fluidic pump A can be programmed to drive sequentially first to third fluidic 3300c 3.03 A through C to extend the sexual pleasure device length over a period of 1 second before the second primary pump B sequentially withdraws fluid over a similar period of 1 second such that the sexual pleasure device has a linear expansion frequency of 0.

However, the secondary fluidic pump provides a continuous 10 Hz sinusoidal pressure atop this overall ramp and reduction thereby acting as a vibration overlap to a piston motion of the sexual pleasure device. According to embodiments of the invention the primary pump can provide operation to a few Hz or tens of Hz, whereas secondary pump can provide operation from similar ranges as primary pump to hundreds of Hz and tens of kHz. Second serially activated schematic B 3300c 3.03 a variant wherein first 3300c 3.03 second secondary fluidic pumps and are employed within the fluidic circuit before the first and third fluidic actuators A and C, respectively such that each of the first and second secondary fluidic pumps and can apply different overlay pressure signals to the overall pressurization of the sexual pleasure device from first primary pump A.

Accordingly, using the example supra, first fluidic pump can apply a 10 Hz oscillatory signal to the overall 0. Second fluidic pump can be activated only when the valve between the second and third fluidic actuators B and C is open and fluid is being pumped by the first primary pump A.

Scanjet c -- HP Precisionscan LT error - HP Support Community -

Also depicted in FIG. However, now a 3300c 3.03 fluidic pump is disposed prior to the fluidic flow separating to first and second fluidic actuators A and B respectively and a second fluidic 3300c 3.03 is coupled to the third fluidic actuator C.

Accordingly, using the same example as that of second serially activated schematic B supra first primary pump A provides an overall 0. First fluidic pump provides a 10 Hz oscillatory signal to 3300c 3.03 first and second fluidic actuators A and B whilst second fluidic pump 5 Hz oscillatory signal to third fluidic actuator C. As will be evident from discussion 3300c 3.03 some embodiments of sexual pleasure devices below in respect of FIGS.


Optionally, first and second fluidic pumps, or one of first and second fluidic pumps, are combined serially in order to provide higher pressure within the fluidic system or they are combined serially such that they provide different fluidic pulse profiles that either can provide individually. As depicted one side of each of first to third valves A through C respectively are coupled via pump module via second capacitor B and on the other side to pump module via first capacitor A. Also forming part of the sexual pleasure device is fluidic suction element which is coupled to the pump module via third and fourth capacitors C and D and fourth valve 3300c 3.03. First to fourth valves A through D, respectively, and pump module are coupled to electronic controller that provides the necessary control signals to these elements to sequence the fluidic pumping of the first to third fluidic actuators A through C and fluidic suction element either in response to a program selected by the user installed within the electronic controller at purchase, a program downloaded by the user to 3300c 3.03 sexual pleasure device, or a program established by the user.

Also coupled to the electronic controller are re-chargeable batterycharger socketand control selector which provides control inputs to the electronic controller As depicted, sexual pleasure devicetherefore, can provide a penetrative vibrator via extension and clitoral stimulator via fluidic suction element Accordingly, first to third fluidic actuators A through C can for example comprise one or more fluidic actuators such as described above in respect of FIGS. As depicted in first state A the sexual pleasure device comprises a core surrounding which is an elastic layer within which are disposed first to fourth fluidic chambers A through D respectively.

At the base of the sexual pleasure device is compartment within which is disposed the fluidic pump, reservoir, valves etc. As depicted in second state B each of the first to fourth fluidic chambers A through D has been pressurized from the fluidic pump expanding the first to fourth fluidic chambers A through D and their surrounding elastic layer The HP ScanJet c scanner driver and software package will work under Windows 98, Me, and XP (Windows Vista users – click here).

It installs. HP Scanjet c Scanner Driver last update: December 9, ; manufacturer: HP; platform: Windows 9X 3300c 3.03 Windows ME • Windows 2K • Windows XP.

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