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Kohjinsha SA1 shock-resist case solution.

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Copyright -Tech Support Forum. Though not as long-lasting as the Everun, it's a reasonable tradeoff kohjinsha sa1 its larger 7-inch screen. Do note that the unit gets very hot after extended use, so try and prop the unit up on a flat surface if it's left on for long periods. Directly to the right, beneath kohjinsha sa1 volume and power switches, is a cooling vent.


The back side kohjinsha sa1 the Kohjinsha, or its spine depending upon how you are looking, is basically the easily removable and swappable mAh Lithium Ion battery. Will it have the LX processor? If sold with XP Home what touchscreen software will be provided with it? Will the kohjinsha sa1 model have as indicated a true US keyboard, and if so does this keyboard work correctly, and not suffer like the current models? These are just 4 of the questions I have, which will be hopefully answered with the official announcement of the new device. As soon as we have official word we will announce the device and specs, so keep watching.

Note to imgod2, if you have specs and photo's of the SA18 please post. Update: The new Kohjinsha will be released in 2 versions, the first will be the Japan model which will have the Japanese OS and keyboard and will be available this month. Labels: Kohjinsha sa1SA Monday, 9 April Kohjinsha Case.

New UMPC priced to sell in Asia

Not a big issue as we can easily use a fingernail for cursor control. Weighing under 1kg, it needs just x mm of desk space and has a thickness of Actually, the overall effect is pretty darn slick, and it would be tempting to recommend this laptop as an eReader, even if quite an altogether pricey one. Surfing, email, reading, minor photo editing, spreadsheets, other documents, all kohjinsha sa1 that works very well. System: Host kjsa Kernel 2.


Org 1. Click to compare. Suspend to ram did crash too. Bluetooth seems ok, the rest ethernet, usb, suspend to disk, etc works perfectly but maybe a little bit slow one needs to recompile Kohjinsha sa1 think because of the cpubut not much slower than windows XP :. Thursday, 26 April Kohjinsha Popularity.

Since the 9th of April this blog has had over visits. Looking at the map below it kohjinsha sa1 clear that there is a lot of interest in the Kohjinsha from Europe and the US, so looks like Data Evalution could be on to a winner with their fully certified Cathena. If you are reading this blog please post your thoughts on your Kohjinsha. Kohjinsha becomes Cathena.

New UMPC priced to sell in Asia - CNET

Kohjinsha have officialy announced the touchscreen versions of their SA1F series, and whilst I had the model names wrong, the kohjinsha sa1 was correct. If my sources are correct there will be 2 new models announced soon, which should be as follows. Saturday, 21 April Kohjinsha SA18 to be announced?

For some time now there has be rumours about a touch screen version of the Kohjinsha SA series, and if the post by imgod2 is correct then it will be called the SA18, and will have a touchscreen, US keyboard and English OS. Since this unit has Bluetooth built-in, we feel the unit should be paired with a wireless keyboard and mouse combo for any serious work.Say hello to the Kohjinsha SA1-A, which was graciously loaned to me by G-A of GeekStuff4U kohjinsha sa1 this review. The Kohjinsha is a laptop, but it is. Kohjinsha SA1F00A full specifications, updated regularly.


Latest: The Kohjinsha SA1 does not have a touch screen. Battery life is in the hours range and WIFI .

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