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PC specifications Minimum Dual Core i7 2. SVM has easylobby snapshell the Topaz line of signature capture devices to enable the electronic recording of the visitor easylobby snapshell as part of the visitor record. You are so quick, professional, and honestly, such a pleasure to work with.

EL-CSS-R2 CSS SnapShell R2 License/Card Scanner (OCR with photo capture) - J. O'Brien

Safeguard — watch lists can screen against and advise if a VIP has checked in, they can also screen against non-desirable persons gaining access. Erin- I just wanted to say thank you so much for all your assistance this past week. It's easylobby snapshell secure approach to effectively identify, manage, and track visitors, temporary employees, or contractors in your organization's facilities. Automated data collection Using the system's included hardware ID scanner, barcode scanner, and printeremployees can check visitors in and have their badge printed in less than a minute. With 24 user-defined fields and countless pre-determined fields, you can tailor the information you collect. This is a revolutionary, ergonomic fingerprint reader that ensures a consistent image quality, even in high throughput environments. When enabled via Admin Product Config on the Misc tab, an email will be sent to designated email addresses as specified in the site description field.

Body of the email is in the file SpecialNeedsNotification. New feature to allow duplicate registration checking.

Enabled via Admin Product Config on the Misc tab, if a submitted registration exactly matches an existing preregistration by first name, last name, company and visit date, the user is notified. They may proceed with the registration if desired or else cancel it. New feature to allow a test for maximum number of non-consecutive visit days. Enabled via Admin Product Config on the Misc tab, the system will insure that the total number of prior visit days, plus the number easylobby snapshell days in the current registration, does not exceed the maximum indicated in the option setting. Fix problem saving stored report, it wasn't saving.

Build Date 07/16/2019 EasyLobby SVM 10.5.5730 (10.5.1 Release)

Fix to allow replacing a stored report definition of the same name. Easylobby snapshell to allow click on Finish button on any report definition screen when running a stored report.

Easylobby snapshell of employee unlock feature for self registration mode, employee must identify themselves before the self registration mode is activated. Allow user accounts with Manager permission to edit employee fields on the various tabs on the form. Fix error in File Import when importing Station records. In Self Registration Wizard, fix problem scanning barcode while displaying confirmation page for a prior barcode scan, now second confirmation page is properly displayed. Add a registry variable SelfRegistrationLogoutMode to allow various logout behaviors when in self registration mode.

Changes to allow user defined combo to alternately be displayed as a pure list value can't be edited.

Add approval check box for watch list approval on employee form eAdvance tab. When using registry variable SSButtonDocId to allow a specific card type to be scanned after button press on ScanShelluse the value of the registry variable StudentIdVertical to handle scans of vertical cards. Change watch list and frequent visitor alerts so that instructions fields allow characters instead of Fix problem in Edit Badge Options setting different logos at different levels, for example at All Easylobby snapshell level and then a different logo for a specific Site.

Fix problem importing Watch List into an. Also fixes imports for Clearance and Lost and Found into. Fix so that the site selector dropdown on the toolbar is limited to the specific site when the logged in user account is limited to a single site. Fix problem with Reasons dropdown where it did not respond to the setting in Edit Program Options to set the first reason easylobby snapshell the default. Fixes when going directly to PreRegister. Fixes going directly to FileUpload. On Manage Approvals screen, Adds Notes button and subsequent notes page for editing visitor notes. Add checkbox option to Admin Product Config on Approval tab to require approval when a visitor registration matches the watch list. Add options to Admin Product Config on Approval tab to enable email messages to employee when visitor is approved or denied.

Add option to Admin Product Config on Prereg tab easylobby snapshell hide watch list match information and just present a simple message instead.

Fix when Authentication Method is set to No Authentication, the Admin menu was not visible, now fixed. Time efficient. Call us today for the best prices! Visitor management is the collecting, recording and tracking of visitors to a building or easylobby snapshell. Step 4.

Improved company image Outdated pen and paper logbooks or check-in easylobby snapshell do not provide a professional impression. EasyLobby's secure visitor management solution reflects your organization's commitment to providing a well-managed visitor procedure.


Maintain visitor confidentiality Confidentiality is a key component of many facilities. Also fixes same issue for asset label and employee badge printing. Adds program option to include additional email addresses in watch list alert email notifications. easylobby snapshell


Adds program option to include additional email addresses in expired badge alert email notifications.Install an Acuant ScanShell easylobby snapshell SnapShell R2 device. Connect EasyLobby to the SQL Server or Oracle database.

fpt elead n853SnapShell Passport Powered by acuant
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bazooka 320jSnapShell Driver’s License / Business Card Scanner (for use with EasyLobby Solo or EasyLobby SVM)

Easylobby snapshell SVM is an enterprise level solution that can scale to meet a large customer base, and. CSS SnapShell R2 license/card scanner.

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