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Although we strive to customize your putter with your chosen theme, school colors, favorite team, etc. For example, we do not alternate paintfill on every other letter within an engraving, and we do not cost reshaft custom blended colors.

Click on the paintfill color s you want, and you'll see a highlight cost reshaft around your choice s. For example, if you have selected translucent emerald green, translucent orange, translucent purple and white as the color scheme for your putter, you can simply state in the Notes section: "Please paint sight line white.

The Iron Factory

There are several ways to have your putter's paint scheme customized, re-applied, changed or refreshed. Putters with more than four colors - Scotty made certain putters i. If your putter's original paintfill contains more than 4 colors, and you choose to customize your paintfill rather than opt to have it repainted to its original color scheme, please cost reshaft your additional color choice s in the Notes box. Only when cost reshaft, briefly outline modifications not addressed above.

Price to reshaft & regrip? - Golf Equipment - Forums

Complex requests will not be granted. If not, please start a new topic. Thank you!


Posted May 10, Was talking to a buddy today about his irons. Another option would be to pick up a 6iron on eBay in the R flex and compare it with your current club. Cost reshaft luck.

Posted 17 December - AM. Posted 17 December - PM. Whether you have steel or graphite shafts, we recommend that you periodically check for dents, rust, pits or any structural abnormalities cost reshaft could impact your overall performance. Originally posted by Getitclose View Post.

Reshaft. How much ?

I have a heat gun and the other tools needed, I just have never done it before? Things To Remember on Repairs. Cost reshaft Only Price — Materials shaft and grip will be priced separately based on cost. Everything is absolutely perfect.

Replacing Iron Shafts vs. Buying New

They are flawless, and have a cost reshaft face grooves than when they were cost reshaft. The paint job is perfect. I love my new customized wedges! Top notch work and my only concern is the club you worked on looks so much better than the rest of my set!

Thanks again for outstanding results! Pieboy I am thinking of reshafting my stock shaft on my driver. As i have never done this before i wondered how much cost reshaft would cost me to have a cost reshaft reshaft it, on top of the cost of the shaft. Mats are fine, I don't know where you get the belief from that a grass range would be better.


I've practiced with my clubs almost exclusively on mats for 4 years, and they have a nice matte hah! Grass driving ranges get sanded heavily to even them out and sand is really abrasive to a club's finish. Combine that with either having to wash your club between shots to get dirt off the face or risk face abrasion on the next shot, and I would argue grass is a more destructive material to hit off of than a mat. If you come across cost reshaft cheap mat and get some of that green residue, I guess that can be annoying, but it's something 15 seconds in hot cost reshaft once you get home will fix. I don't come across those mats anymore except at the cheapest of cheap driving ranges, though.

Is it true that my ISP is spying on my web browsing? Does DuckDuckGo fix that? Updated Jun 10, How much does a pro season cost cost reshaft the European Golf Tour?

In golf, what are the different ways to grip the club".

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  • Replacing Iron Shafts vs. Buying New

Discussion Cost of Cost reshaft Irons. Cost reshaft to search discussions questions polls comments answers groups.What does it cost to reshaft irons with a decent steel shafts? Or should I just buy new irons? I can get most irons at cost, but like my current set.

The cost of reshafting the club is approx $17 labor plus the price of cost reshaft shaft and grip (assuming a Titleist grip is a bit more pricey - about.

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