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Basically we're at a "wait and see" point trident xp4 Trident but there is the potential for the XP4 to deliver on all of their claims. Re:Meanwhile, back in Denmark Its simple. AnandTech ran their benchmarks at x instead of x Why in the world you would test a notebook graphics trident xp4 at x for a 3d game is beyond me. Score: 4Interesting.


Dated August And the word Preview, right in the title bar. Granted x wasnt fair either, trident xp4 this isnt a notebook chip, its a desktop chip unlike what other poster said. And its intended to compete with the likes of the GF4 and Radeon cards. First line in the article says the chip was intended for notebook computers: Some months back, Trident made much ado about its new DX9-class GPU that would take the mobile computing world by storm.

What’s up with Trident’s XP4?

If this isnt trident xp4 case than thats just another strike against the article. Yup another strike against the article. This is the desktop chip, which I believe is called the T2. Take a look at the testing environment trident xp4.

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They're both right Score: 4Insightful. They show the results of very different tests. That's a difference of 4x in required fill rate. Since neither of these tests were run at a relevant resolution most laptops run around xneither can be called conclusive. It does however give it a distinct theoretical advantage over ATi's Radeon An interesting point trident xp4 the quoted Comments closed. Report Comment Close.

I hope XP4's will have the performance that Trident claims, good drivers to work with all games. I would be never able to buy them. Common now. Follow us. Trident xp4 Freedom 2 wireless sport headphones. The GPU will be manufactured trident xp4 a 0. Okay 3D chip, but that was because I used it for wearable computing prolly the fastest 3D technology used in a wearable even to this date.


Re:No it wasn't fair! The and were released around the same time. At release, the was priced to compete with trident xp4 Score: 2.

Well, considering how Trident was talking up how these cards would get blown away by their new trident xp4 card, I think the comparison is wholy fair. Re:Lying With Statistics Score: 2.

This has trident xp4 to do with lying about specs. The problem with these damn things was the GPU was dead, not under performing, it trident xp4 dead on arrival. Now, I wonder why this happened? Two possible reasons, quality control failure, or unlikely random failure due to damage after manufacture?

I think I'll prefer to believe that it was indeed a quality control failure. These cards should be tested before leaving the factory floor, otherwise bad things like trident xp4 will happen to you and screw you big time. Quality assurance is a quick and easy thing to do, without increasing costs too much, and I know that I would rather pay a little more to be assured that I'm getting something that works, without me having to send it back to get a replacement for it. The lesson?


Check your work carefully if you don't want to look like an ass Perhaps you ought to read the article, and get a better understanding of English idiom, then. Dead on Arrival means that it's trident xp4 bad, and a horrible failure. If the trident xp4 didn't work at all, how would they have gotten the benchmarks, after all?

What's up with Trident's XP4? - The Tech Report

Re:Lying With Statistics Score: 1. New posts New profile posts Latest activity.Some months back, Trident made much ado about its new DX9-class Trident xp4 that would take the mobile computing world by storm.

  • Trident XP4 Benchmarks - Trident's XP4 Benchmark Preview
  • What’s up with Trident’s XP4?
  • Trident XP4

The XP4, a. The XP4 is Trident's first desktop DirectX GPU that is supposed to offer 80% of the performance of a GeForce4 Ti at $ We trident xp4, talk.

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