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That also applied when punching in and out of a recording, and there were no editing glitches left behind after dropping in either. Using the USB connection with my PC was not a problem, although tascam dp-01fx way files are dealt with does take a little understanding. In short, files have to be saved into a specific partition of the hard drive before they can be read by the computer. Likewise, audio data on its way from the computer has to pass through this partition on its way into a tascam dp-01fx part of the DP01's drive.

Backups tascam dp-01fx in Tascam's native format; however, exported individual tracks or mastered stereo tracks are saved as standard WAV files. A large internal hard disk gives the user ample tascam dp-01fx for over sixty 8-track songs.

Pan and EQ effects are active during playback and Tascam dp-01fx down not during the actual recording. However, I can adjust to compensate. Overall, very good unit. I love this 8 track! It is super easy to use, I have had it about 3 weeks and have recorded 4 songs.

Tascam DPFX Digital Multi Track Recorder for sale online eBay

To delve into the menu system, just push the Dedicated button. That is where you create, name, load, edit, and delete songs; manage the disk drive; make final-mix files; and tascam dp-01fx backups.


Navigating the system is simple using the Enter and Exit buttons, the cursor arrows, and the data wheel. In addition to the song- and disk-management capabilities, tascam dp-01fx menu lets you do other things, such as change the center frequencies of the high- and low-frequency EQs for each channel, set in and out points and pre- and post-roll during punch-in recording, use the onboard guitar tuner, and change the nature of the built-in noise gate. Sorry, this listing is no longer tascam dp-01fx.


These controls are used together with one another to navigate through menus and to select and verify commands. The locator buttons, needed for establishing song navigation markers and edit points, are grouped along with the transport controls, which will be familiar to anyone who has ever used a tape or CD player. Quite a number tascam dp-01fx controls have dual functions, as indicated by the white-on-green tascam dp-01fx for the DP01FX screen printing.

Technophobes will be reassured to know tascam dp-01fx the secondary operation is almost always reached by simply holding down the separate Shift key. There is also the aforementioned USB socket that enables song files, master stereo tracks, and individual audio tracks to be backed up and restored using either Mac or PC with the relevant OS. Outboard effects devices can be connected to the mono Send output and stereo Return inputs — all on quarter-inch jack sockets on the rear panel.


Tascam Digital Portastudios Super-intuitive digital recording for every musician By Hank Young Tascam's DP Series and Digital Portastudios deliver phenomenally high-quality multitracking with tascam dp-01fx intuitive user interfaces and loads of potent features. The screen does not have a backlight, so the text is difficult tascam dp-01fx read, need a small desk lamp.

Tascam DP/DPFX Downloads

Pan and EQ effects are tascam dp-01fx during playback and Mix down not during the actual recording. However, I can adjust to compensate. Overall, very good unit.

I love this 8 track! Price 1 star 2 stars 3 stars 4 stars 5 stars. Tascam dp-01fx almost be able to sell my POD, I thought!!

TASCAM – A whole world of recording

Song Information Additional Song Operations Assigning Inputs Recording Twenty-five years after the introduction of the first Portastudio™, the new DP- 01FX 8-track Digital Portastudio makes hard disk recording affordable and simple. Add a CD burner tascam dp-01fx our already feature-packed DPFX! Introducing the new Tascam dp-01fx.

Now you can burn your mixed hits directly to CD or back up your.

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