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MacBook Pro 2,2. Condition: This Macbook Pro is used, in good condition, but does have many signs on the body scratches, scuffs, marks, etc.

Model : A EMC Apple Classified Ads. Item Location see all.

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ATI Radeon X1600 GPU problem

Hope this helps at least a few of you. Started by bamb00sm Jul 31, Replies: Started by joshuakeen61 Today at AM Replies: 1. Graphics Cards. Seems to come and go.


I discovered if I open it in firewire mode, and let it heat aty radeonx1600 macbook pro, it seems to clear and work again. The general consensus is that it is definitely a hardware problem and someone aty radeonx1600 macbook pro that Apple knows internally that it is an issue with the solder connection between BGA packages and the main board. These machines came out right around when manufacturers were just starting to become ROHS compliant, the standard that forbids the use of solder containing lead in electronics, and so it is not surprising to me, having dealt with some similar issues from the point of view of the manufacturer at work, that these problems are happening.

The lead-free solder is much more brittle than the old kind and solder joints that crack after many thermal cycles are a common problem that everyone trying to use the lead-free solder has had to confront. That being said, Apple still needs to fix this, because anyone who bought one of these would have had no expectation of this kind of failure and many would have bought something else if aty radeonx1600 macbook pro knew this was a possibility.

Mac Book Pro - ATI x video card promblem - any fixes? pls help - Avid Community

The other common explanation for this is that the thermal paste is applied unevenly on the GPU, or that the thermal paste gets old. However, while people report getting fewer anomalies after re-applying aty radeonx1600 macbook pro paste, the problems usually stick around and once again start to get worse over time.

My theory here is that while re-applying thermal paste helps with lowering GPU temps and lowering the frequency of the symptoms, it doesn't solve the underlying issue. You can get the same effect lower GPU temps by downloading and using the Fan Control preference pane or downloading and using the smcFanControl application to increase fan aty radeonx1600 macbook pro.

ATI Radeon X GPU problem - Apple Community

Like re-applying thermal paste, this would decrease GPU temps and thus incidence of graphical anomalies and eventual lock-upsbut not eliminate the problem. More important is the extra memory capacity of the new machines.

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When you do this procedure I made the easily correctable mistake of not tightening the heatsink screws tight enough at first, which amplified the temperature problem. I spent aty radeonx1600 macbook pro minutes pressing the wand of the vacuum tightly against the crack and moving it back and forth where the screen meets the main body of the notebook. I would like to see if this solution would be workable. That too Oct 06 pm.

ATI Radeon X1600 GPU problem

On Oct 6,at AM, subzero wrote:. Make a downsampling aty radeonx1600 macbook pro that takes N input pixels and outputs the maximum value for these input pixels. Source: Pocket Lint One of the problems Apple will have to face is that using the same base specification as many Windows machines you can no longer place a premium on it. We got our hands on this top-of-the-line inch model, a thing of beauty clad in sleek aluminum.


It didn't post the performance numbers we expected, but we suspect it will still be snapped up by devoted creative professionals. Some users have come up with a work-around for this issue. Any help would be grateful. If you need a aty radeonx1600 macbook pro screen, the ATI Mobility Radeon X graphics engine can drive an external display up to x pixels. For my sapphire pulse.


Started by kinggaming60 Today at PM Replies: Latest posts C. You claim that the problem is due to bugs in the ATI driver, but there are two issues with that theory: 1. For example, the nvidia series famously had similar issues more and more graphical anomalies followed by eventual lock-upswhich were ultimately caused aty radeonx1600 macbook pro hardware failure relating from many heat cycles.

In this case, the thing that seems closest to the truth to me came in a forum post over at the WoW forums see the last post, by member "Flloyd" : Flloyd's post Linking to the Google cache because the original seems to have aty radeonx1600 macbook pro deleted. Quoting the relevant part here: "There has been a lot of discussion an Apple forums and other forums about these issues with the Core Duo not Core 2 Duo version 1.These issues seem primarily affect early MacBook Pro Core 2 Duo machines as described by MacFixIt user Andres Araneo: " didn't fix my game graphics problem on my MacBook Pro with ATI Radeon X" Apple Support discussion thread regarding the ATI Radeon X graphics card.

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