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The record to date is about 70 tracks at once. The program began life as a pure hard disk motu traveller sonar, not an editor, and so it tends to be significantly more reliable in this area than software that began life as a sequencer and later added multitrack recording functionality.

- Using MOTU audio interfaces with Sonar and other Cakewalk applications - Part 2

Does Motu still hate Linux? The bundled Cuemix Console software controls the Traveler's zero-latency monitoring.


Any four output pairs can be chosen to carry completely independent motu traveller sonar mixes, and settings can then be saved as presets for later recall. For users in the audio-visual field who work with timecode, the Traveler can both sync to and generate SMPTE using its analogue connections.

• WinXP x64/ Traveler v / Sonar PEARRGHH!!!

This feature is configured with the bundled Firewire SMPTE Console software, and is easy to work with whilst providing a sophisticated implementation including freewheel and regeneration options. The Traveler inspires confidence from the moment you take it out of the box. The construction quality is excellent, and all sockets and controls have a nice solid motu traveller sonar. Setting up and software installation is very straightforward and it's quite a liberating moment when you power up a laptop-based system for the first time and realise there's not a mains lead in sight. Switching on the Traveler causes the LCD to display a brief 'splash' screen reminding you that, yes, you're using a MOTU Traveler, and also showing the firmware version in use mine was v1.

After that, the display switches to a 'Mix Bus' screen that gives a simple visual representation of the current Cuemix Plus settings for a single pair of audio outputs. This is the motu traveller sonar the Traveler appears for the vast majority of the time during use, so if you buy one you'd better learn to like it!

Using MOTU audio interfaces with Sonar and other Cakewalk applications - Part 1

The Cuemix Console software also supports talkback and listenback facilities, allowing individual inputs and output pairs to handle communications between the control room and musicians. Select a bus output and unmute the inputs you wish to hear through the selected output. You will now be able motu traveller sonar directly monitor from the unmuted inputs while recording into Sonar. Above the master fader you will find a drop down menu, allowing you to select from all the stereo outputs from the MOTU interface s connected to the PCI Center, right rear, sub etc.

Then I have a surround receiver that has 5. This way I don't have to buy pricy powered speakers and can use my existing sound system.

I export the video using Dolby digital surecode I paid for the license for that well worth it. The thing I have motu traveller sonar out if you want to monitor a sequence that is stereo only it want output sound.

Sonar & Motu Traveller Popping fixed

Then you have to change your receiver in my case to the optical input. Then when you are in a 5. Not an issue I just wish it would just output right and left channels but it motu traveller sonar tried everything.


But work around is just set every sequence to 5. Filtered by:.

Previous template Next. Alesis 26 IOAM.

Hi Folks I must decide between these 3 audio interfaces Presonus Firestudio motu traveller sonar. Here are basic instructions to help get you started with Cakewalk software, such as Sonar, using MOTU audio interfaces. These instructions apply to Sonar, as well as other current generation Cakewalk software applications.

Cakewalk audio programs have always supported legacy wave audio MME. So check!Direct input monitoring through MOTU Audio Interfaces and Sonar: In order to HD, mk3, Traveler, UltraLite, UltraLite-mk3, or 8pre, you can CueMix. Here are basic instructions to help get you started with Cakewalk software, such as Sonar, using MOTU motu traveller sonar interfaces. These instructions apply to Sonar.


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