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You digitilt datamate ii solve this problem by purchasing a Serial to USB adaptor at your local computer store. The other end connects to the serial interface cable supplied with the DataMate. You must also install the USB drivers supplied with the adaptor.


It is always a good idea to check the manufacturers web site digitilt datamate ii download the most recent drivers. The File-Save As-Setup Database command makes a copy of your project database, but removes survey data, so that only installation information remains.


You can add digitilt datamate ii from other project databases or other setup databases to your setup database. See the How To section for suggestions. When you send a setup database to the DataMate, it clears the entire data memory of the DataMate. If you share your DataMate, digitilt datamate ii may not want to erase installations and data that belong to someone else. In this case, add new installations using the DataMates keypad. The original DataMate holds up to 40 installations. The DataMate II can hold Your setup database must not have more installations than these maximums.

The project database and the setup database are not linked. Thus, if you digitilt datamate ii changes to installation information in the project database, you should update your setup database or overwrite it with the Save-As Setup command. Retrieve the surveys.

Copy the surveys into your project database. Select Comm.

Run DMM. DMM retrieves the surveys from the DataMate. You can see its progress digitilt datamate ii the bottom left of the screen. If you have communications problems, see the troubleshooting steps in the previous chapter.

DMM displays the retrieved surveys in a temporary database window. This window is titled Data Retrieved from DataMate and is a slightly darker color.

DigiPro2 User Manual

You can change the color of the window to make digitilt datamate ii easier to identify: Choose DataMate-Options. The color-change takes effect the next time that you retrieve surveys. Data retrieved from DataMate is displayed in a temporary database. You can change the color of this window to make it easy to identify.

If your DataMate holds surveys from different projects, you can open other project databases at the same time. The project database window opens in front of the DataMate window. To transfer surveys, you must see both windows, as shown below. Click, drag, and drop surveys one by one from the DataMate window to the project window. If you have difficulty digitilt datamate ii surveys, you are probably trying to drag the survey before you select it.

Instead of drag and drop, think: Click, Drag, and Drop. You can also use the copy and paste buttons to copy from the temporary database and paste into the project database. Click, drag, and drop: Digitilt datamate ii on a survey to select it, then drag the survey to the project window and drop it. Using Copy and Paste: Click on a survey, click on the Copy button, and then click on the Paste button in the project window.

DMMWin Download

DMM for Windows can calculate checksum statistics, deviations, and displacements, and it can also create a graph of cumulative deviation or cumulative displacement two surveys only. DigiPro for Windows offers full graphing capabilities, more graph types, the ability to add titles, and a error correction routines. You can download a run-limited, full working version of DigiPro and the DigiPro manual from digitilt datamate ii.

  • DigiPro2 User Manual
  • Hardware and Software Documentation
  • Training Materials on: Inclinometer
  • Digitilt Datamate Ii Usb Driver Download

DMMs data reduction functions are on the Survey menu or a right digitilt datamate ii menu. You must select a survey to activate the menus. Now you can see a list of surveys. What is the DataMate II? The Digitilt DataMate II is a readout used to record surveys taken with Digitilt inclinometer probes and spiral sensors. Multi-Part Setup. This multipart setup should not be necessary for most systems. Part 1: Installing the Digitilt DataMate USB Driver. Turn on your computer.

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