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CASIO enhances the benefits of digital cameras by using removable memory media, the compact flash cards. A replacement item will be provided for any defective, damaged on receipt.

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In common with many other late-model digital cameras, the QVSX takes a little while to "boot up" when you first toggle the power, but at 9 seconds, the delay before you can take the first picture is far from the longest we've measured. Movie Mode In "Movie" mode, the frames-remaining indicator changes to show the number casio qv 5000sx dijital kamera movies of the currently-selected duration that may be recorded in the available memory.

Casio QV 5000SX Replacement Digital Camera Batteries and Accessories

In Movie mode, the flash is disabled indicated by a blinking "no flash" icon on the LCD screenand the zoom indicator shows in the lower right-hand corner, because only the central portion of the Casio qv 5000sx dijital kamera sensor is used for capturing movies. You can toggle between 2x and 4x zoom modes though, via the top-panel "Zoom" button. Unlike the QV, all the normal record-mode menu functions remain available in movie mode, allowing access to manual white-balance settings, manual focus, etc. Self-Timer Mode Self-timer mode is indicated by a stopwatch icon.

Self-timer mode on the QVSX is a bit simpler than on the QV, as the self-timer function works in conjunction with any of the camera's other recording modes, rather than requiring option selections within the self-timer function itself to choose between single-shot or movie recording modes.

This is a nice feature, as you may sometimes want to use self-timer mode for panorama-mode shooting, if you're taking pictures using available light with long exposure times: Light, inexpensive, bring-anywhere tripods are generally a bit rickety, particularly if used at full extension. Using the self-timer with such a tripod gives vibrations time to die down before the shutter trips, contributing casio qv 5000sx dijital kamera sharper pictures.

Casio QV-5000SX

Panorama Mode We discussed panorama mode at some length earlier, so won't spend much time on it again here. Diagonal Size. Diagonal Size metric. Threaded view. Auto-shutdown times may be set to 2, 5, casio qv 5000sx dijital kamera 10 minutes. Note that the "Off" position for the sleep setting only means that the screen will stay lit as long as the camera is on. The camera will still shut down after 2, 5, or 10 minutes, as set by the auto-shutdown timer.

Casio QVSX review: Casio Talk Forum: Digital Photography Review

Happily, the camera appears to stay powered-up continuously when it is connected to the AC wall adapter: This may be of interest to people wishing to either take long time-lapse sequences, or those industrious casio qv 5000sx dijital kamera to write software to drive it as a "webcam". Note that this latter use isn't supported by any of Casio's software.

You apparently can use it as a video camera, via the video out port, but there's no provision for continuously capturing images digitally to casio qv 5000sx dijital kamera to a web server. By selecting an option and setting the mode memory for it to "on", the camera will always power-up with the same setting for that option as when it was last shut down. I n-Camera Image Manipulation As digital cameras become increasingly "smarter," it becomes practical to do more and more image manipulation within the camera casio qv 5000sx dijital kamera. While not providing quite the range of in-camera capabilities as the QV or ', the QVSX does include several special-effect filters, and the ability to overlay a previously-captured "title" image onto other shots, varying title background shape, color, and position.


Title backgrounds can even have varying degrees of transparency. The image manipulation and titling capability is clearly directed toward those who would use the camera's video-out capability see casio qv 5000sx dijital kamera for presentations driven directly from the camera. Some may question the benefit of assembling presentations in the camera, rather than using a computer and simply uploading the results back to the camera for display. A triple optical zoom is hidden away in the slim designer casing as is a brilliant TFT-colour display, which takes up almost the entire back of the camera with its full 2.


The ePhoto c had a metallic blue housing. Compatible Series see all. Continuous Shooting Speed. Exposure Parameters Exposure Metering. Don't have an account" zoom mode: Data is taken from only the centermost x pixel area of the sensor array, and this data is then interpolated up to create a x pixel final file size. While we found the 's 2x digital zoom to be of some practical use, we felt it would be casio qv 5000sx dijital kamera to find a practical use for the 4x output.Casio QVSX - digital camera overview and full product specs on CNET. Detailed data sheet for the Casio QVSX digital camera.

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