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Thanks a lot! Marco -- hide signature Hi Marco, I am in the same situation. My board is capable of 0, 1, 5, Not saying a drive failure, but a drive error. HDs and SSDs asus p6t raid error asus p6t raid functions. Lets take the letter "A", it would be cut in half.

Sell the drive, keep it for a spare, upgrade another computer This post does not match the desired netiquette of the Forum. The reason mentioned above will be used.


I am looking at adding a Western Digital 4TB hard drive as a storage drive. Will there be any issues.

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The only iastor file I can find in the windows folder is iastorv. If the drivers from the Intel Storage Matrix Console don't work let me know and I will try and post the drivers from my device manager. Asus p6t raid was NOT the case.

Asus p6t deluxe raid driver

Thanks for your comment, by the way, I was anonymous poster at on May I see people posting about using it in Asus p6t raid, asking how to fix this or that unrelated to getting installed. As a work around you can try installing Windows 7 and upgrade to Asus p6t raid 10 which should work without issue on this still reliable board. I show the iaStor.

INF as Version 8. The only iastor file I can find in the windows folder is iastorv.


If the drivers from the Intel Storage Matrix Console don't work let me know and I will try and post the drivers from my device manager. Zitat von lendicap im Beitrag 5 What do you think is the problem? It should be v I've just backed up both the system and data asus p6t raid to a NAS so perhaps this isn't so critical as it asus p6t raid I have a p6t two 1tb drives in raid0 and a gb on the ICH10R and when set to raid I get blue screened on windows 7 startup. I've read of driver issues of both the jmicron and the intel controllers with win 7 happening regularly. I'm going to play with it tomorrow but if you do have any luck let me know what you did and if I'm succesful I shall do the same if required. This is for video editing and I want performace and redundancy for the data drive.

Geobrick, I should mention I'm no pro at setting up computers.


I'm in the category of geek engineer who has been playing around with computers all my life, but I'm not a PC administrator whose daily job involves knowing all these topics thoroughly. About JMicron, I only decided to avoid that controller for use in connecting flash drives, because multiple online articles have conclusively shown that some flash drives got slower asus p6t raid more you filled them up, and there seemed to be link to use of JMicron controllers within the flash drives.

How to setup RAID 0 on ASUS P6T Deluxe Tech Support Guy

And in this thread above we are talking about JMicron controllers on mobo's. So it was a bit of a stretch for me to conclude that if SSD's based on the JMicron controllers typically have particularly performance problems, asus p6t raid hooking an SSD up to a mobo JMicron controller port might also cause problems.

But I didn't want to take that risk. Plus there were some other online articles that suggested asus p6t raid not hook SSD's up to onboard JMicron contoller ports, but I have forgot the online locations of those articles. Dec 9, 11 0 18, 0.

Forum - RAID Performance » Asus P6T SE flash v breaks RAID array?

Ultimaswc3 Distinguished. Jul 16, 17 0 18, 0. Tuesday, February 2, PM. Finally the problem was the version of the driver.I have a P6T mobo (standard).

RAID Woes with Asus P6T Deluxe (v1)

Asus p6t raid OS is running on a GB HD that was originally setup in IDE mode. I recently purchased two matching 2TB HD's that I want. Two questions, both related to setting up on storage on ASUS P6T (std, not the Deluxe version) motherboard on the homebuilt system I'm now.

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