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We will later increase the complexity of the demos, the color depth and the z-buffer. Owners of 'smaller' CPUs will already observe a jerky picture at this resolution. At high-quality resolutions and 32 bit color depth Quake 3 becomes pretty much unplayable at the resolution. However, with the standard resolution of x the 3D Prophet II achieves excellent results of elsa gladiac gts pro and more frames per second - even if it only runs at standard clock frequency. However, the frame rates of 30 fps and less are not very satisfying.


At least the details in this demo are impressive. Again, the same demo - only with high-quality settings.

We actually did expect a larger performance delta between 16 and 32 bit - just as in Demo Nevertheless, the performance results are far from optimal. There is a small trend, though: the 3D Prophet II is always in first place.

Elsa Gladiac GeForce2 GTS w/ 32MB DDR SDRAM

Let's now push up the complexity. All values settle between 34 to 35 fps. Terms of Use. We received what was clearly a elsa gladiac gts pro ready package yet, the product itself was very "generic" looking. The fan has a sticker on it from the actual OEM vendor of the fan itself. Cloudflare Launches 1. Article Index.

As detailed in the overclocking section, it seems that Infineon finally got their act down regarding memory speed and quality, thus making it safe for NVIDIA to sell cards with a memory clock at the full memory speed rating. As far as faster RAM chips on cards go, it is not very likely any time in the near future: Elsa gladiac gts pro currently only makes DDR chips rated at 6 ns for their fastest chips.

Elsa Gladiac Gts Pro Driver Download Version

It is even possible to store a 'scheme'. No new stuff for the DirectX 7 compatible Direct3D interface.


For most games you do not need to change anything. However, if you want to switch of the V-Sync to boost the performance, you must use an elsa gladiac gts pro tool like for example Powerstrip. At this point we must compliment nVidia on the clean drivers. The overlay color controls are quite confusing for newcomers. After all, there are already similar controls for color correction. Only a few of you will need this neat additional feature. This elsa gladiac gts pro were it gets interesting for overclocking cracks.


These controls elsa gladiac gts pro the user overclock the card mercilessly. The card stalled at MHz for the graphics chip and MHz elsa gladiac gts pro the memory clock - Hercules obviously exaggerated a little bit. Changing the format will allow international users to adjust the output to their specific needs. As mentioned above, you have the ability to change the output format. Overall the AOpen driver does its job just fine although the overclocking needs to be fixed and the video output option can be rather annoying.

The one odd thing was that a software DVD player didn't come included in the package. Sign up now Username Password Remember Me. I don't particularly agree with it, but elsa gladiac gts pro again, I didn't like the name "GeForce" either.

Less heat and smaller circuit trace lengths improves timing. Privacy Policy. Contact Us. How many GeForce boards do you own? However, you might encounter a few bandwidth problems.

Elsa Gladiac GTS Pro Graphics cards > Downloads Free! Drivers

Despite the relatively high memory clock of MHz, the large video memory is not necessarily capable of meeting all the demands - and this can slow down the games. This is an advantage for owners of an expensive LCD monitor with digital connector. Rumors of a purple PCB are floating around. While we have not had this confirmed by ELSA, rest assured that the card reviewed here is the exact same as any purple one that is out there.The driver elsa gladiac gts pro included with the ELSA GLADIAC is an interesting The utilities do, however, appeal to the graphics professional in all of us. ELSA produces consumer video cards and also professional video cards. Based on the latest NVIDIA GeForce2 GTS chipset, the Gladiac is one monster of a.

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